Bone and Dental Histology


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Cementum covers the outside of the root, and is very similar to bone but without any blood or nerve innervations and without the Haversian systems seen in bone (Junqueira and Carneiro, 2003). The layer of cementum functions to attach the root of the tooth to the periodontal ligament which helps to provide critical stabilization of the tooth in the bone of either the mandible or maxilla. The cementum primarily covers the root, with some portion overlapping the crown. The cementum is made by specialized mesenchymal cells located on the outside of the tooth root. Once these cells come into contact with the dentin that has just been made, some differentiate and turn into cementoblasts (Sadler, 2006). Once these cells become trapped within the matrix of the cementum, they live on as cementocytes. Like osteocytes in bone, cementocytes are reactive cells and can secrete cementum to help keep the tooth stable within the socket.

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