cultural values ​​play a role in health-related concerns in the care of Latino cancer patients


Experiencing adverse life events helps a person  to cope with life's challenges, overcome them, learn from and grow from adverse experiences,  and learn how to positively transform through them. Health is a resource that supports adaptation and resilience to improve the quality of life for people with cancer and other chronic diseases. For Latinos, spirituality is an important cultural core value. Thus, how cultural values ​​play a role in health-related concerns in the care of Latino cancer patients and how spirituality as an important aspect of Latino culture is adapted by Latinos It is important to pay close attention to how the cancer. Understanding how to develop resilience in the face of potentially negative life events such as cancer will not only help Latino cancer patients undergoing aggressive treatment, but  also help them survive cancer during their lifetime. It also affects the effectiveness of addressing and managing  the consequences of  This study provides insight into existing coping strategies used by Latinos  and provides clinically specific information on participant engagement in meaning-based coping. Family support made it easier for Latino men and women to cope. The role of religion and spirituality in participants' lives helped them  cope with their cancer diagnosis. Future research is needed to examine coping strategies associated with specific terminal cancers. The term “positive reframing” refers to finding meaning and positive emotions that help sustain the coping process despite being diagnosed with cancer. In addition,  participants engaged in meaning-based coping when medical and support professionals provided specific support.