The assembly of graphitic carbon nitride with metal oxides is an effective strategy


Although graphitic carbon nitride has been reported for several decades, it is still an active material at the present time owing to its amazing properties exhibited in many applications, including photocatalysis. With the rapid development of characterization techniques, in-depth exploration has been conducted to reveal and utilize the natural properties of graphitic carbon nitride through modifications. Among these, the assembly of graphitic carbon nitride with metal oxides is an effective strategy which can not only improve electron-hole separation efficiency by forming a polymer-inorganic heterojunction, but also compensate for the redox capabilities of graphitic carbon nitride owing to the varied oxidation states of metal ions, enhancing its photocatalytic performance. Herein, we summarized the research progress on the synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride and its coupling with single- or multiple-metal oxides, and its photocatalytic applications in energy production and environmental protection, including the splitting of water to hydrogen, the reduction of CO2 to valuable fuels, the degradation of organic pollutants and the disinfection of bacteria. At the end, challenges and prospects in the synthesis and photocatalytic application of graphitic carbon nitride -based composites are proposed and an outlook is given.
graphitic carbon nitride has drawn lots of attention due to its photocatalytic activity, low-cost and facile synthesis, and interesting layered structure. However, to improve some of the properties of g-C3N4, such as photochemical stability, electrical band structure, and to decrease charge recombination rate, and towards effective light-harvesting, graphitic carbon nitride -metal oxide-based heterojunctions have been introduced. In this review, we initially discussed the preparation, modification, and physical properties of the graphitic carbon nitride and then, we discussed the combination of graphitic carbon nitride with various metal oxides We summarized some of their characteristic properties of these heterojunctions, their optical features, photocatalytic performance, and electrical band edge positions.