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Journal of Clinical Trials is an open access peer-reviewed, scientific journal that aims to publish the latest and outstanding Research articles, reviews, and letters in the field of Clinical Evaluations to provide rapid and reliable source of information on current discoveries and current developments in the field of Clinical Trials. It covers a broad range of topics including but not limited to Clinical Cardiology disease, Randomized clinical trials, clinical surgeries etc.

Our Editorial Board Members are over whelmed by the response and eagerness of the academic and research contributors to publish with the journal and take part in submissions of the scientific work in the mode of manuscripts. During this year we look forward to taking some initiatives that would encourage and reward our prospective audience which include oncology and a range of professionals in the Cancer community.

Our esteemed journal is looking forward for the upcoming issue (Volume 10: Issue 1) for the upcoming year issue as all the authors are invited to submit their recent scientific work through manuscripts in the mode of Research/Reviews/Short Review/ Short Communications/Commentaries/Short Commentaries/Letters to Editor/ Image articles etc.,

A standard editorial manager system is utilized for manuscript submission, review, editorial processing and tracking which can be securely accessed by the authors, reviewers and editors for monitoring and tracking the article processing. Manuscripts can be uploaded online or forwarded to the Editorial Office at

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