Regeneration of Pulp/Dentin-Like Tissue in Immature Necrotic Permanent Dog Teeth


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 Our aim was to evaluate the potential of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (AD-MSCs) in the regeneration of canal pulp/dentin-like tissue and completion of root maturation of immature necrotic permanent dog teeth with apical periodontitis. A split-mouth design was used in 6 healthy male dogs. Four teeth were selected per dog (total, 24 teeth). The immature upper left second and third permanent incisors were designated as group A (experimental group), and contralateral teeth were designated as group B (control group). Periapical periodontitis was induced in both groups. After disinfection, group A received AD-MSCs and growth factors within a chitosan scaffold, whereas group B received growth factors within a chitosan scaffold. Periradicular healing, root-wall thickening and lengthening, and apical closure were blindly monitored radiographically for 4 months.


Painful and unpleasant dental problems such as pulp infection and periapical periodontitis can lead to difficulties in maintaining good oral hygiene, which further affects eating, drinking, taste, breathing, and well speech. These conditions can severely affect one’s quality life and well-being. Here, we demonstrated that implanting chitosan hydrogel scaffolds enriched with autologous AD-MSCs and growth factors might be useful in the regeneration of new pulp/dentin-like tissues in necrotic immature permanent teeth with apical periodontitis. AD-MSCs have the potential to survive well and generate new pulp/dentin-like tissues.

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